We believe that scientific knowledge is the driving force of every successful society. The mission of the Neuron Endowment Fund is to increase the prestige of scientists within our country, develop a network of modern patronage and to popularize science.


million Czech crowns paid in support of Czech science


scientists awarded since 2009


years championing science and research


scientific expeditions worth 2.8 million Czech crowns


We are living in the time of scientists. And scientists are the right persons to be heard of right now. Neuron Prizes 2021, which took place at the National Museum in Prague, awarded three scientists for their life's work - hematologist Josef Prchal, mathematician David Preiss and physicist Václav Petříček.

Seven awards belong to young promising scientists - Jan Hladký (mathematics), Lenka Zdeborová (physics), Jitka Palich Fučíková (medicine), Prokop Hapala (chemistry), Zuzana Musilová (biology), Martin Tancer (computer science) and Petr Sedláček (social sciences).

For the first time, we presented the Neuron Prize for extraordinary connection between science and business, won by scientists Vítězslav Bryja and Kamil Paruch together with transferor Radoslav Trautmann for their academic spin-off CasInvent Pharma.


We award the Neuron prizes to the best scientists in the Czech Republic across seven scientific disciplines. Get acquainted with the winners of individual fields or years:




Social sciences


Computer science


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We thank all our patrons for their generous support of Czech science

Eduard Kučera

Eduard Kučera

"Every year from the company revenue we try to provide a part to the charity."

Co-founder of the company Avast

Libor Winkler

Libor Winkler

"Without money, science cannot be done. If we want to succeed in world of competition,science is the base. I see my support as support of our future."

Chairman of the Board of Directors of RSJ

Václav Dejčmar

Václav Dejčmar

"Thanks to science, we can cross the boundaries of the known and embark on a journey into the unknown."

Co-owner of RSJ company

Dalibor Dědek

Dalibor Dědek

"I believe that money should be used above all to raise us as a society. It is important to show the way."

Co-owner of Jablotron company

Tomas Mikolov

Tomas Mikolov

"It is important to support fundamental research. I am really glad that Neuron supports scientists in this field."

Czech Computer scientist

Cihlář family

Cihlář family

"We deeply respect Neuron Endowment Fund and its work. The way they support young talented scientists. It is my pleasure to support Czech research."

Czech biochemist, specialist in virology.

Ondřej Bartoš

Ondřej Bartoš

What key feature do you think leads to business success? "Courage. And then of course luck."

Investor from Credo Ventures company

Ondřej  Fryc

Ondřej Fryc

"I am very pleased that there are platforms, such as the Neuron, that help with both funding and the popularization of the work of Czech scientists."

Reflex Capital investor

We are proud of those, who have the courage to change the future.

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