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The Neuron Endowment Fund draws upon the tradition of architect Josef Hlávka, who believed that pioneering science is a critical driving force in every successful society. We greatly value the support of our patrons, thanks to whom we can support leading Czech scientists and so push back the frontiers of human knowledge. We are creating a very compelling community of successful entrepreneurs and leading scientists in this country.


Voda a civilizace tématem červnového Neuron Clubu

Tento týden se konalo další pravidelné setkání mecenášů našeho Fondu a českých vědců v rámci Neuron Clubu. Tématem byla Voda a civilizace.


Have the courage to change all our futures

The man who understands the language of plants.

JIŘÍ FRIML | Learn more about the plant biologist Jiří Friml, recent laureate of the 2019 Neuron Prize for Lifelong Contribution to Science in the field of biology. He received the prize for lifelong research into the plant hormone auxin, which makes the organisms of plants more resilient than those of humans.


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Laureates & Patrons

They believe that science moves society in the right direction

Get to know our patrons

Sanjiv Suri

Sanjiv Suri

"The highest level of philanthropy is if you provide what you need more than the recipient."

President and CEO of Zátiší Group

Karel  Janeček

Karel Janeček

"I wanted to be a scientist since I was five, and I was already convinced that science was the most meaningful thing. I am lucky to support it today."

Mathematician, businessman, patron and social reformer

Radana a Jiří Waldovi

Radana a Jiří Waldovi

"An independent culture is essential for the development of a free society, which must be supported by grants, subsidies and sponsors."

Founders of several trading companies

Marek Dospiva

Marek Dospiva

"We value the environment in which we not only do business, but above all we live."

Co-owner of PENTA investment group

Hana Dvořáková

Hana Dvořáková

"We are delighted to support young scientists on their research journey. This is very important for the development of society."

Hana and Dalimil Dvořák founders of the Experientia Foundation

Jakub Havrlant

Jakub Havrlant

"I see the potential to step outside the Czech Republic and succeed in the world with Czech scientists, so I decided to support the Neuron E.F.."

CEO of Rockaway Capital

Ivona a Josef Matějkovi

Ivona a Josef Matějkovi

"Technological development is central to our country. We are pleased that through Neuron we can increase the prestige of scientists in our country."

Founders of CZC.cz

Martin Ducháček

Martin Ducháček

" I want to support scientists, but it is not in my capacity to support science on my own, so I decided to join Neuron."

Asset manager in RSJ Investments responsible for RSJ Land.

Radek Halíček

Radek Halíček

I believe that the desire for education is forming soon. Therefore, through Neuron I support those teachers who indelibly influence the future caree

Managing partner of KPMG Czech Republic, advocate and financial markets expert.

Jan Školník

Jan Školník

" Our company should support talented people, it is the development of the whole society. That's why I support cutting-edge science in Neuron."

Co-owner and CEO of HOBRA - Školník Ltd

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