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The Neuron Endowment Fund draws upon the tradition of architect Josef Hlávka, who believed that pioneering science is a critical driving force in every successful society. We greatly value the support of our patrons, thanks to whom we can support leading Czech scientists and so push back the frontiers of human knowledge. We are creating a very compelling community of successful entrepreneurs and leading scientists in this country.


Specialist in virology

TOMÁŠ CIHLÁŘ | Learn more about the biochemist known for his role in the development of remdesivir Tomáš Cihlář, recent laureate of the 2020 Neuron Prize for Important Scientific Discovery in the field of medicine. He received the prize for lifelong research into the antiviral nucleotide analogs. He is leading a team  of scientists in Gilead working on new substances for the treatment of HIV, viral hepatitis B and other viral diseases.

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Tomas Mikolov

Tomas Mikolov

"It is important to support fundamental research. I am really glad that Neuron supports scientists in this field."

Czech Computer scientist

Cihlar family

Cihlar family

"We deeply respect Neuron Endowment Fund and its work. The way they support young talented scientists. It is my pleasure to support Czech research."

Czech biochemist, specialist in virology.

Ondřej Bartoš

Ondřej Bartoš

What key feature do you think leads to business success? "Courage. And then of course luck."

Investor from Credo Ventures company

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