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The Neuron Endowment Fund draws upon the tradition of architect Josef Hlávka, who believed that pioneering science is a critical driving force in every successful society. We greatly value the support of our patrons, thanks to whom we can support leading Czech scientists and so push back the frontiers of human knowledge. We are creating a very compelling community of successful entrepreneurs and leading scientists in this country.


Voda a civilizace tématem červnového Neuron Clubu

Tento týden se konalo další pravidelné setkání mecenášů našeho Fondu a českých vědců v rámci Neuron Clubu. Tématem byla Voda a civilizace.


Have the courage to change all our futures

The man who understands the language of plants.

JIŘÍ FRIML | Learn more about the plant biologist Jiří Friml, recent laureate of the 2019 Neuron Prize for Lifelong Contribution to Science in the field of biology. He received the prize for lifelong research into the plant hormone auxin, which makes the organisms of plants more resilient than those of humans.


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Laureates & Patrons

They believe that science moves society in the right direction

Get to know our patrons

Libor Winkler

Libor Winkler

"Without money, science cannot be done. If we want to succeed in world of competition,science is the base. I see my support as support of our future."

Chairman of the Board of Directors of RSJ

Eduard Kučera

Eduard Kučera

"Every year from the company revenue we try to provide a part to the charity."

Co-founder of the company Avast

Václav Dejčmar

Václav Dejčmar

"Thanks to science, we can cross the boundaries of the known and embark on a journey into the unknown."

Co-owner of RSJ company

Dalibor Dědek

Dalibor Dědek

"I believe that money should be used above all to raise us as a society. It is important to show the way."

Co-owner of Jablotron company.

Šárka Litvínová

Šárka Litvínová

"I know how important it is to travel and explore the world. Th more I realized the importance of supporting the scientists in research in the field."

Executive director of the ASIANA family business

Taťána le Moigne

Taťána le Moigne

"This country needs talented scientists who will continually develop modern technology so that we are not left behind."

Manages czech office of Google company since 2006

Jaroslav Řasa

Jaroslav Řasa

" Society should see science as a key source of development. Our country can only export skills."

Co-founder of ABRA Software company

Martin Wichterle

Martin Wichterle

"There were scientists and personalities in my family who contributed to world science. My contribution to science was solved by a lucky coincidence."

Owner of Wikov Industry holding

Jan  Bednář

Jan Bednář

"Science is a terribly important thing, especially for a country like ours, which has no raw materials and has to feed on its own work and ideas."

Programmer and founder of MIS

Ondřej Bartoš

Ondřej Bartoš

What key feature do you think leads to business success? "Courage. And then of course luck."

Investor from Credo Ventures company

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