Martin Wichterle

Martin Wichterle, owner of Wikov Industry has a very close relationship with science. He is namely the grandson of a very famous Czech scientist, Otto Wichterle, inventor of contact lenses and silicone. Via Neuron Fund he supports young scientists in their research activities.

Martin Wichterle is owner of engineering group Wikov Industry, a traditional producer of gears and mechanical gearboxes. In 2014 he became coowner of one of the youngest companies producing cut crystal glassware. In 2016 he added another Bohemian crystal producer - the Ruckl company.

He lives in Prague with his wife, three daughters and Hungarian Vizsla.

Martin Wichterle became part of Neuron network in January 2017, when he became the benefactor of our past activity called Neuron Impulses. Thanks to Mr. Wichterle we were able to support very young scientist under 33 in their research activities in chemistry.