The Neuron Fund presents the prestigious Neuron Awards to top scientists who push the frontiers of knowledge in their field.

At the same time, they dedicate much of their energy and time to working with younger scientists and they view science as a service to society.

The Neuron Awards are bestowed in three categories:

Currently, the Neuron Awards are by far the best funded science awards in the Czech Republic. Award winners are selected in seven scientific fields (social sciences, medicine, mathematics, physics, chemistry, biology and computer science). The awards are presented annually at the end of the year.

Nominations are invited before the end of March from representatives of public science institutions (e.g., university deans or presidents, directors of academic institutes, representatives of the Academy of Sciences Czech Republic), members of the Neuron Science Advisory Board and previous laureates. The Neuron Board makes the final decision on the award winners; in the case of the Neuron Research Discovery Award and the Neuron Award for Contribution to Science, the International Science Board also participates in the decision.

Other activities we support:

  • In collaboration with the Learned Society of the Czech Republic, we recognize teachers who get their students excited in science.
  • In collaboration with the Academy of Science of the Czech Republic, we award young scientists who in addition to research dedicate their time to popularizing science.
  • We select some of the best science videos with the Neuron Prima ZOOM Awards.