About us

We believe that science drives our development and that the work of excellent Czech scientists can improve the quality of life for all. By supporting science, we take our share of responsibility for shaping the future.

We don't receive any form of state funding. Our work is funded by private benefactors - successful people who work with Neuron to support talented Czech scientists.

  • Every year we hand out the Neuron Awards to outstanding scientists.
  • We help scientists conduct their field research as part of the Neuron Expedition.
  • We select the best science videos with the Neuron Prima ZOOM Awards.
  • In collaboration with the Learned Society of the Czech Republic, we recognize teachers who get their students excited in science.
  • In collaboration with the Academy of Science of the Czech Republic, we award young scientists who in addition to research dedicate their time to popularizing science.
  • We make the research results of "our" scientists available in Neuron Stories.
  • We support popularization projects.