In 2013 Neuron was pleased to welcome a new benefactor – Dalibor Dědek decided to offer financial support to scientists in the field of physics.

The 2014 Neuron Grants will be presented on 11 December 2014. Visit our website or subscribe to our newsletter and get regular updates on the Neuron Grants gala ceremony.

Physics was the fourth category included in the Neuron Grants competition. Each year, Neuron selects and financially support one research project through a grant up to CZK 1 million for a period of 2-3 years.


Ing. Michal Malinský, Ph.D. – Quantum Proton Instability

According to the current theory of the microworld, protons – the basic building stone of all atom nuclei – should be absolutely stable. Previous experiments that have shown the lifetime of protons of ~1033 years, confirm this hypothesis. However, lifetime of a proton might not be infinite but only sufficiently long for its “death” to escape the attention of scientists. Research suggests that space has developed into its todays's form – with matter in our observable part of space conclusively dominating over anti-matter – from a completely symmetrical state. That would imply that with sufficiently high temperature and energy there is another, as of yet unobserved type of interactions that might leave their trace in today's “low-energy” world in the form of proton “mortality” and, consequently, the fundamental instability of nuclear matter as such.

Prof. Jiří Chýla, CSc. - guarantor physics