Neuron Impuls

The mission of Neuron Impuls, an open grant competition for young promising scientists, is to influence the level of scientific research in the Czech Republic. The current round is running till March 31st, 2017.

Each year, Neuron announces a competition for research projects in the following fields:

The Neuron Impuls aim to support projects in basic and – in medicine – applied scientific research and, especially, young scientists working in the Czech Republic or successful Czech scientists returning from abroad to pursue their research in the Czech Republic.

Neuron Impulses are awarded to scientists with a quality research project whose work has been published in peer-reviewed international journals.

For all updates on the Neuron Impuls competition, please read the rules (under 33 or under 40) and visit this web application or subscribe to our monthly newsletter.

Next to the Neuron Impuls and the Neuron Awards, we also focus on popularizing science. In addition to organizing our own activities, we also team up with other organizations to support projects that make science more accessible to the general public.

More than 20 mio CZK paid

Every year, Neuron selects the grant competition winners and supports their projects through grants of up to CZK 1 million / project.