About us

Science and research push our civilization forward. As we feel responsibility for the future, we support science.

Neuron Fund for Support of Science promotes the idea of philanthropists supporting the science and research in the Czech Republic.

We support scientific research through Neuron Impulses financed by private funds, acknowledge top scientists through The Neuron Award for Contribution to Science and encourage talented young scientists through The Neuron Award for Promising Young Scientists in the following fields:

  • biology
  • computer science
  • physics
  • chemistry
  • mathematics
  • medicine
  • social sciences

We also help sciencists with communication of their research to the public.

Next to the Neuron Impulses and the Neuron Awards, we also focus on popularizing science because there is not one aspect of daily living that science has not made easier, faster or safer. We believe that science has a key role in our society and its prosperity.

Our project Neuron Expedition aims to support scientific expeditions, which may have a significant contribution to our current knowledge. In 2014, we launched a competition The Neuron Prima ZOOM Awards, which goals is to bring science closer to the public. We also support children to achieve their scientific dreams.

In addition to organizing our own activities, we also team up with other organizations to support projects that make science more accessible to the general public, such as popular series of lectures and discussions Science Café, the international festival of science documentary films Academia Film Olomouc (AFO) and many more.

We follow the results of the research we supported and share them as Neuron Stories in various formats with the general public.

We intensively work on raising funds so we can support specific research projects. Our crucial principle is to operate effectively and efficiently - we use maximum of our own abilities and networks of friends and our partners.


  • 8 years
  • 33 Neuron Impulses
  • 25 laureates of The Neuron Award for Promising Young Scientists
  • 30 laureates of The Neuron Award for Contribution to Science
  • 39 millions CZK for Czech scientists


Created by merger with the Karel Janeček Benevolent Fund for Support of Science and Research established in 2010.

Neuron Awards

The Neuron Awards presented by Neuron are a prestigious recognition of top Czech scientists.